Reverse the aging process, turn back the clock

Where there’s life, there’s hope. Where there’s a spark,
there’s the potential to rekindle the flame and restore vitality.

Get your life back on track
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You deserve to enjoy your golden years!
You’ve worked long and hard, now it’s your time. But when you’re crippled by pain, disability and exhaustion, no amount of money can compensate for, or restore your health and wellbeing.
And by the way, what shape do you think you’ll be in a year, or two … or ten if you don’t take steps soon to get your life back on track?
Your body is constantly regenerating itself (and that means you). However stress and modern lifestyles retard these natural biological processes, causing you to burn out and age prematurely.
The good news is that where there’s a spark, the flame can be rekindled so that you can live your life to its fullest, so that you can live (and not just linger) longer.
The fountain of youth is within: it can’t be dispensed in lotions, potions and magical incantations as prescribed by physicians or bestowed by priests.


The Golden Years Action Plan has assisted many people achieve a healthy, happy, pain-free, active and functional lifestyle.
Rest assured that rejuvenation doesn’t necessitate major lifestyle changes or giving up what you enjoy - quite the contrary, the shock and discomfort of such drastic measures puts extra stress on both body and psyche (and let’s not forget that stress is the mother of disease).

Give us one month and we’ll give you the keys to rejuvenation.

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Why Kinergetix?
Because it really works. It’s simple, it’s safe. it’s stress free, and it’s affordable.
You’ll not only feel and function better, you'll look better too.
What is Kinergetix?
Kinergetix is the offspring from the marriage of the Western sciences of physiology, physiotherapy, human movement and fitness conditioning with Eastern mind+body therapies and martial arts.
What are you waiting for?
Contact us when you’re ready to take real steps to wind back your biological clock, to regain your vitality and freedom of movement, and to resume control of your life and health.
Just don’t leave it until it’s too late.
If not now, then when?
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WORK SMART: Ergonomic workshops for workplace injury prevention and productivity
EYE of the CYCLONE: regain your equilibrium - physical, emotional and mental.
BACK in ACTION: Routines to build a strong, supple spine and banish back pain.
SHOGUN: Compact routines for the high-powered Executive
Menopause and beyond: conquering osteoporosis, balance loss, and hormone deficiency
Code Warrior: Reprogramming your personal computer (i.e. YOU)

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