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Kinergetix is a unique, state-of-the-art modality, integrating the most effective clinically-validated physical and neuromuscular conditioning strategies with educational measures.
Routines are designed to promote cardiovascular fitness; build core strength; enhance balance, agility and coordination; correct posture; improve motor skills; increase personal energy levels; and heighten acuity.
But Kinergetix is not just an exercise program - it's an integrative approach to health conditioning that's assisted many people to return to an active and productive lifestyle.
Our services include:
  • Functional capacity evaluation and biomechanical assessment of client fitness
  • Individualised programs developed in consultation with clients, catering to their unique needs and goals
  • Innovative programs designed for organisations intent on creating a proactive, injury-free workplace
  • Corporate fitness and work conditioning programs for sedentary staff
  • Individualised and group programs for chronic conditions, including pain reduction and management techniques, injury avoidance strategies, and nutritional counselling
  • Longevity, vitality, balance, and immune-system boosting workshops
  • Master classes in Tai Chi Ch'uan and Qigong
  • Relationship and family issues counselling

Kinergetix programs are available in the following formats

  • Private 90-minute sessions consisting of assessment of health, fitness, balance, coordination and physical functionality
  • Exercise prescription and training
  • Consultancy - diet and nutrition, stress management, ergonomics, and injury avoidance.

Group sessions are comprised of a 60-minute training session supplemented with a 30-minute presentation featuring health-awareness and educational measures, ergonomics, and risk-factor identification / reduction.

Executive De-stress: Stress management programs to provide corporate office staff with the requisite training and knowledge to help them deal effectively with their vocational demands.

East & West: An integrated approach to exercise therapy.
This is a 2-day course for health and fitness professionals.

Short (2-day) and extended (7-day) courses comprised of four 90-minute training sessions per day. These courses are supplemented with evening presentations and discussions.
N.B. group numbers are limited, accordingly inclusion is on a first come, first served basis.

Kinergetix - when you’re ready to reclaim control of your body, your health, your life

The Ultimate in Personal Training

Action-plans to propel you on the path to being healthy, fit, functional, focused and fabulous.

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Training modules include:
  • Biomechanical training to enhance balance, build core stability, improve posture and flexibility, and restore mobility
  • Ergonomic training to increase work capacity, physical functionality, and efficiency in daily activities
  • Bioenergetic routines to enhance metabolism, digestion, neuroendocrine function, and immunity
  • Aerobic and body-weight training routines to improve strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness
  • Mindfulness training to develop awareness, sensitivity and cognitive abilities
  • Motivational module to assist with setting and realising personal goals
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WORK SMART: Ergonomic workshops for workplace injury prevention and productivity
EYE of the CYCLONE: regain your equilibrium - physical, emotional and mental.
BACK in ACTION: Routines to build a strong, supple spine and banish back pain.
SHOGUN: Compact routines for the high-powered Executive
Menopause and beyond: conquering osteoporosis, balance loss, and hormone deficiency
Code Warrior: Reprogramming your personal computer (i.e. YOU)

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