Congratulations - you found us! And for good reason.

Why? Because your dream (and destiny) is to be healthy, fit, functional and fabulous.
How? Read on to discover how we can help you regain your vitality, and control of your faculties and life.
Kinergetix - being your best starts here

Reality check.

You’re probably here because you’re looking for somebody or something that can help you to:
  •    Become empowered to gain fame and outrageous fortune
  •    Liberate the oppressed masses, feed the hungry and save the planet
  •    Attain enlightenment
  •    Get your mojo working, fire up your libido and boost your sex appeal
Or maybe you just want to feel and function better.
Whatever your hopes, dreams or goals are, to achieve them you first need to put your own house in order.
Realising your potential and being your best requires developing yourself fully - mind, body and soul.
What we’re talking about here is self-mastery and personal evolution.
And that’s where Kinergetix comes into it’s own.

Kinergetix - the best investment you can make in yourself.

Kinergetix provides you with the tools, knowledge, training, support and motivation to effectively manage your health issues, increase your productivity, extend your functional lifespan, and improve your quality of life.
The bottom line - Kinergetix is the most advanced and effective system available for health conditioning.
This unique, state-of-the-art rejuvenation and rehabilitation modality has been forty years in development. Kinergetix embodies a wholistic approach to health, integrating the best clinically-validated exercise therapies, both mainstream and alternative, Western and Eastern, ancient and modern.
It’s simple, it’s safe, it’s fun, and it's affordable.
Most importantly, it really works (and we have the track record to prove it).
Reinvent yourself
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WORK SMART: Ergonomic workshops for workplace injury prevention and productivity
EYE of the CYCLONE: regain your equilibrium - physical, emotional and mental.
BACK in ACTION: Routines to build a strong, supple spine and banish back pain.
SHOGUN: Compact routines for the high-powered Executive
Menopause and beyond: conquering osteoporosis, balance loss, and hormone deficiency
Code Warrior: Reprogramming your personal computer (i.e. YOU)

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