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"Mr Labuschagne and I met some 12 months ago, in the context of an exercise rehabilitation program designed to help University staff who were suffering from Type 2 diabetes. In addition, I have a condition known as DISH (diffuse idiopathic spinal hyperostosis), which significantly limits my back flexion. Having just turned 60 years of age and working in a sedentary environment, I felt my health and lifestyle were rapidly deteriorating in the face of both these chronic health issues and the onset of 'early old age'.

I have a much more positive outlook on life generally, and have experienced a significant increase in physical abilities, which include increased flexibility, an enhanced sense of balance, and consistently lowered blood glucose readings.

The program that Mr Labuschagne has devised for me is a 'multimodal' combination of aerobic exercise, balance exercises, dietary advice and complex movement patterns based upon the principles of Tai Chi. That I have been able to sustain these exercises for such a length of time is commendation in itself, and I put this down to Mr Labuschagne's consistent, and insistent, interest in my well-being. He is an excellent motivator and communicator, and his ability to devise exercises that help facilitate movements involved in daily living make adherence to the program both possible and logical. In addition, his deep knowledge of the philosophical background of the discipline of Tai Chi in combination with his detailed knowledge of the principles of Western medical approaches, has allowed a useful balance between the 'physical' and the 'mental' areas to develop. This balance is especially important for me, because having spent the majority of my professional life within the Western scientific tradition, the acceptance of approaches partly based upon Eastern philosophies does not come easily, and the fact that Mr Labuschagne was the top student in his Master's year was an important consideration for me.

I believe that my life has changed considerably for the better because of my fortunate association with Mr Labuschagne. I sincerely hope that others in my former position can have the opportunity to work with him, because I believe that his knowledge, personal empathy and undoubted competency in the Exercise Rehabilitation area provides great potential for those facing chronic and ageing issues."

Dr. J,
Professor of Chemistry

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